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Tour Highlights

A magnificent trip to China’s northwest, to explore the old silk road. You will discover the mysterious Gansu with Xiahe, Gansu and Zhangye combined.

Tour Itinerary

  • Day1 Lanzhou Arrival

     Upon arrival,after meeting with your tour guide at exit , transfer to check in your hotel.

  • Day2 Lanzhou- Xiahe

    Morning departure and transfer to Xiahe (235km 3.5-4hrs) , visit Songke Grasslands, Songke Grasslands is a typical Meadow Steppe, with a altitude belong 3000 meters and covers 70 square kilometers.The Songke Grassland is also one of the the main animal husbandry area in Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Ganan.The sky blue and green land formed a harmonious grassland landscape. Xiahe located in the east of Tibetan plateau,is a country level administrative area which belongs to Gansu province filled with spectacular attractions.

  • Day3 Xiahe Lanzhou

    Morning discover the famous Labrang Monastery will take most of the morning, but is well worth it.Labrang Monastery is one of the main temples of Gelukpa, a typical stream of Tibetan Buddhism. It’s the world’s largest Tibetan culture research faculty and with the most completed institutional system. The exterior wall was comprised by 2000 prayer wheels, each with 3.5 km, known as the world’s largest prayer gallery. An ancient bridge located in the Southeast corner can overlook the whole monastery.Afterward, transfer back to your hotel in Lanzhou (4.5hrs)

  • Day4 Lanzhou - Zhangye

    Morning move to railway station for the train to Zhangye  D2745(08:38-11:45) Upon arrival, transfer to have lunch, afterward take a tour of Great Buddha Temple is an interesting attraction in the southeast of Zhangye City. Xixia built the giant Buddha in 1098. It was once called Jiayerulaipian Temple. It was also Gansu’s largest temple at the time.It is well-preserved. The Great Buddha’s finger alone can accommodate a sleeping person. The statue’s ears are 2 meters long and big enough to carry eight people. It is made of soil and wood. It measures 34.5 meters long and 7.5 meters wide. Continue to Zhangye National Wetland Park The wetland park is Located to the north of Zhangye city in Gansu province, this wetland park covers a whopping 17.33 million square meters and plays a key role in maintaining the city’s ecological balance.After the tour, transfer to check in your hotel.

  • Day5 Zhangye - Jiayuguan pass

    This morning, visit Qicai Shan (Seven-Color Mountain) of Danxia Landscape. Qicaishan in Zhangye city was discovered by a group of photographers in 2002. The magnificent Danxia landform has then become one of the most typical colorful Danxia landscape with a finest geographical confirmation. The extremely abundant colors with distinct shapes of sandstone, formed a exquisite picture like rainbow or colored ribbon.Afterward, further the driving to Jiayuguan Pass (2.5-3hrs). Jianyuguan pass is the first strategic pass of Ming Great Wall and also the traffic fortress of ancient “silk road”. The construction start at Ming dynasty and with a bustling arterial streets inside the pass.

  • Day6 Jiayuguan pass

    Morning, make tour of Jaiyuguan Pass. Visit the Great Wall Museum. The Great Wall museum was completed in 1988, is the first specialized museum which reveals the Great Wall culture completely and systematically. The museum displays all the Great Wall period from Spring and Autumn Period to Ming dynasty. Continue to visit the Suspended Great Wall. The theme of Suspended Great Wall is ancient silk road civilization and Great Wall culture. The main attractions including suspend Great Wall, sculpture of silk road, display of ancient weapons. A overlook from suspended Great Wall is magnificent and spectacular. In the afternoon , visit The First Beacon Tower of Jiayuguan Pass Great Wall.The First Beacon Tower of Jiayuguan Pass Great Wall is the main beacon tower in Guannan section, with significant military value to transfer information in ancient China. The beacon itself connects Jiuquan in east, Jiayu in North and in the east is the endless desert. With extraordinary spectacular landscape. And Wei-Jin Art Gallery is not really an art gallery but ancient tombs with wall paintings. The painting contents are from all aspects of actual life. Then visitors can know well about people life and Chinese history at that time.

  • Day7 Jiayuguan pass - Dunhuang

    This morning departure from Jiayuguang Pass to Dunhuang( 4-4.5hrs) Upon arrival, move to and ride a camel to visit Singing Hill. Singing Hill was located in the North of Shaming mountain, 6 kilometers from Dunhuang city. It was known by a unique phenomenon – the sand was moved with sound. The entire mountain was piled up with colorful quicksand , with an extension of 40 kilometers. Continue to visit Crescent Pool. Crescent pool was just close to Singing hill, is a eternal oasis in the spacious desert. It’s a rare and magnificent attraction in Northwest China. The fountain is extremely clear and transparent, reflected with the sandstone all around, is a life worth attraction in our travel list.

  • Day8 Dunhuang

    Today move to explore the famous Mogao Grottoes. Mogao Grottoes, also called Thousand Buddha Grottoes, is a world heritage by UNESCO and a national heritage conservation unit in China. It was known as the most valuable cultural discovery in 20 century and The Louvre in East. The exquisite fresco and sculpture is the essence of Mogao Grottoes. With a scale of 2415 sculptures and 45,000 fresco, Mogao Grottoes is the world’s largest and the most influential Buddhist holy land.After lunch , continue to visit Dunhuang Museum.Dunhuang Museum located in Dunhuag city, Gansu province. It’s the former archaeological research team and with numerous precious culture relics collected, with total 4000 items.In the evening, stroll in Shazhou Night Market.Located in Yanghuan eastern road, Dunhuang city, Shazhou Night Market is the largest night market in Gansu province. The extinct feature for Shazhou market is the Northeast style and the local custom. Now the facilities and service items have been updated and attract tourist domestically and overseas. Local dishes, crafts and fresco replica are varied in this market.


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